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Diving is a technical and acrobatic Olympic discipline where one has to perform dives or combinations of various difficulty degrees from a springboard or diving tower on different height levels ((1M, 3M, 5M, 7,5M et 10M). Recently synchronised diving (in duo) and high diving (20M & 27M) were added to this discipline.

At this moment the RBSF only organises annual Belgian Diving Championships for 1M & 3M, due to the acute lack of certified diving facilities in Belgium.

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The technical rules of this aquatic discipline and the general rules are unfortunately only available in Dutch and French. Thank you for your kind understanding.


  • Belgian Championship
  • European Championship
  • World Championship
  • Olympic Event
  • International Tournament
  • Olympic Games
Day Month Year Discipline Category City/venue Country
26 - 11 July - August 2024 All disciplines OPEN Men - Women Paris FRA
21 - 06 July - August 2028 All disciplines OPEN Men - Women Los Angeles USA

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