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OBC'24 - Security
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OBC'24 - Security

Dear attendees of the Open Belgian Swimming Championships 2024,

Thank you for your presence and cooperative spirit. The competition is running smoothly at the moment, and together we are doing everything we can to ensure it continues this way throughout the rest of the weekend.

However, there are some very important safety points we would like to bring to your attention, and we kindly request your cooperation.

1. Swimming Hall:

It is not allowed to block evacuation routes or hinder passage in the aisles and other emergency exits. Therefore, please ensure that beds, chairs, backpacks, etc., are not placed in front of emergency exits.

Additionally, the passages in many areas are too narrow. Please pay attention to keeping passages in/behind the stands and around the pools clear. Regarding the full length of the competition pool: beds, mats, etc., are not allowed. We kindly request the prompt removal of any existing beds and mats. These can be placed under/behind the stands, as long as emergency exits and passages are kept clear.

There is still more than enough space for swimmers, coaches, etc., in the swimmer's stand (the stand behind the starting blocks).

2. Traffic Safety:

There are significant safety issues regarding parking as well. Currently, fire intervention cannot take place at the parking lot due to visitors ignoring all parking regulations. Even the accessibility for ambulances is currently a problem. The city services have recently been instructed to involve the police in such situations, which has also been done in this case.

In case of repeated non-compliance with the rules, we, as the organizers of this event, will be forced to temporarily suspend the competition in collaboration with the city services until the issues are resolved. Therefore, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the above-mentioned matters.

Thank you in advance, and let's look forward to another great weekend of competition!

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